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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need an appointment?
Yes! The great thing about being by appointment only, is that you and your party get the entire boutique to yourselves. You can try on as many dresses as you like without anyone but your loved ones watching. We can also give you our utmost attention and spend our time helping you find your dream dress. Additionally, we make exclusive evening appointments to fit your busy schedule!
2. What can I expect from my appointment?
At Lillian Wild you aren’t just another bride that needs a dress. We view each and every bride as if it’s our best friend getting married. We want to hear and gush over the proposal, check out your jewels(duh!), and hear all about your plans for the big day. We will then ask you a bunch of questions to better understand what it is you want from your dress and how you want to feel on your wedding day. We will then let you have free reign of the boutique and while we will help you by selecting dresses that match your criteria, if you see something that jumps out at you, grab it!
3. How much time do I have?
Our appointments run about 1.5hrs. That will give you plenty of time to try on as many of our beautiful gowns as you wish.
4. When should I begin dress shopping?
We suggest that you begin shopping for your dress atleast 6-9 months before your big day. While some designers will accommodate tight deadlines, we find the more time you have the better!
5. What is the price range of your gowns?
Our dress are anywhere between $900-$4000. Most dresses falling in the $1200-$2800 range.
6. What if the samples aren’t in my size?
We strive to carry samples in a size that will work for most brides. Not to worry if it doesn’t fit! We have our own arsenal of tricks and tools to help provide you with an idea of how the dress will look in your size.
7. Do you carry plus size dresses?
Yes! We are very proud to carry a line dedicated only to plus size brides called Callista. We strive to have plenty of beautiful samples for every bride to try on regardless of shape and size.
8. How does the order process work?
Once you have selected your dream dress, we will then take your measurements and compare them to the designer’s size chart. Most of the dresses are made in standard sizes, so we will work with you in choosing the best size for you, but alterations are sometimes needed. Then we order it, sit patiently and wait for it to arrive at our boutique.
9. How long does it take to get my dress?
Production time is anywhere between 10-20 weeks. Some designers carry stock and we can have your dress to us in just a few short weeks. Several designers also offer rush service for a fee.
10. What about alterations?
We don’t provided in-house alterations and you are welcome to use whomever you chose, but we are happy to share our short list of local tailors that are amazing.
11. How many people should I bring?
Less is more! Our boutique is designed to offer an intimate shopping experience, so it’s best to bring a smaller party. We find 5 people or less works great in our space. Want to bring more? No problem, just give us a call prior so we can be prepared to accommodate all of you!
12. What is a trunk show?
Trunks shows are when we host a designer’s full current collection. This gives our brides the chance to try different styles from their favorite designer and gives us the chance to try out new pieces or new collections in our store.
13. Do you have other people working with you?
Yes! Two heads are better than one, so I got to thinking who would work best with me? The answer..My mom Kate. So there you have it, when you come into Lillian Wild, you will get the mother/daughter treatment. Most times you will find Kate either helping you into the gowns, or crying in a corner telling you how perfect you look in every single dress and that each dress is most definitely the ‘one’. If you need Kleenex, she’s the one to ask.
14. Why the name Lillian Wild?
Lillian Wild is named after owner Lisa’s favorite flower..a peony. It was this very flower that was in her own bridal bouquet when she got married, and she loved the name so much she vowed to use it one day for something great. You will also find that all of the Lillian Wild ‘Create’ Collection gowns and accessory pieces are all named after peonies.
15. What is the Lillian Wild ‘Create’ Collection?
We not only wanted to open a super cool private boutique, but we also had an amazing vision for a dress line. We reached out to one of our favorite local designers Patty Nayel of Pure Magnolia and together we have created our very own collection of customizable gowns. With our gowns and accessory pieces you can basically build your dream dress. The best part? It’s all made right here in BC!
16. Do you offer any other services?
Yes! The owner Lisa is also a makeup artist and has the perfect space set up inside Lillian Wild for makeup appointments. Every bride that books a bridal appointment receives a discount on a makeup trial for her big day. Pretty awesome right?
Check out Lisa’s makeup website