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Blue Brocade is about savouring the beauty in the time worn and forgotten, about rediscovering a personal style with genuine vintage details, and bringing cast-aside embellishments to life for women today. Each design offers a chance to fall in love all over again with genuine antique pieces and to experience beloved adornments seen in history books and sweeping historic dramas. It is a marrying of a love for long afternoons lost in antique shops, a desire to step back in time if only for a moment, and finding inspiring ways to bring the past to life again for women who are looking for truly unique accessories. Whether for joyful days celebrating love and laughter, sultry soirees for two, or to add a flair to everyday hair, Blue Brocade offers women versatile, handcrafted hair and hat accessories that truly whisper of the past.

We are smitten with Blue Brocades bridal accessories. They will pair beautifully with any wedding dress, whether it’s boho or traditional. These are just a few of the options that Lillian Wild carries. Come in and see for yourself, all the wonderful pieces we carry.